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Thursday, April 27, 2017

4:21 AM

indian girls smoking

smoking habits now a days increases among Indian females.smoking cigarette emerges as fashion bench mark for them . i am a from town area so its was rare to see any women or girl to saw smoking once we got a chance in school life to go to Delhi. there i got first chance to glimpse a college student was smoking.she is a chain smoker , she lit one cigarette from another . after seeing her i also start smoking as sigh of machismo but later i quit as it is quiet injurious to health.
people attracted towards bad habits so quickly , most bad habits gained in school days , anjana student of class 12th of a prestigious school told she start smoking in class 10th on in-sting of her boyfriend and they are gang of girls in school enjoy smoking.
some people do smoking for pleasure while another takes it as tension tonic vandana 32 , a middle class housewife told us that she saw her brother and husband enjoying smoking so she also start doing so.now she enjoys it very much , when we ask did her husband knows? she with smile yes he knows in fact we both uses one cigarette for smoking.
moni, a call center employee said smoking is really a tension losing tonic and every working women has to use it. she says in work she find herself very tensed until her boss mrilani mam diverts her towards cigarette , now the best way for her relaxation is smoking when we ask about numbers of cigarette she smokes daily she refuse to reply.however she said most of the call center employee smokes.
smoking now a days spreading and many small town girls and women also diverted towards smoking.even traditional womens are also seen smoking these days
in short women are also inclined these days towards smoking but it should be remember that smoking is major cause of cancer and one should not take it lightly. smoking is not a medicine so one should avoid it
so beautiful ladies its my request quit smoking and live better life